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[Los Angeles] Actor — Edgar Alexander’s New TV Sitcom Auditions

Executive Producer, Creator and Series Writer, Edgar Alexander Jr. will be holding auditions for a new nationally syndicated TV Sitcom. The Plot- Includes an African-American Family. A loving Father and his Wife, raises their family, in a local community. Starring Edgar Alexander Jr. and Kimberly Roulin. Breakdown: We’re seeking serious unsigned and undiscovered actors who can bring comedy or drama. Bringing characters to life. Casting: 1.) The Brother- Always laid back and loves to have fun. African-American Male. Ages 18-22. 2.) Nikki Manaj Spoof- Must be too stand-offish and must be comical. African-American Female. Ages 20-32. 3.) Yo-Yo Spoof- Misguided and comical. African-American Female. Ages 20-32. 5.) The Nephew- Humble, comical and brave. African-American Male. Ages 20-25. 6.) The Pastor’s Wife- Very sweet, wise and well mannered and sociable. African-American Female. Ages 52-60. 7.) Additional Roles-TBD. All races. Male or Female. Ages 20-40. No experience necessary. You must meet these eligibility requirements to audition: Current picture, (required) resume, (required) phone number, (required) and e-mail address. (required) If you’re planning to visit and audition in the Los Angeles, California area, you must provide your own traveling arrangements to audition. No online or taped auditions. Must attend auditions by confirmed appointment only. Salary Paid: $150.00-$350.00. Per assignment. Including credit, copy, meals and breaks. Audition Date: Saturday, August 1, 2015. Location: Space Station Casting Studios, 950 N. Cahuenga Blvd., Hollywood, California 90038. No walk-ins. Audition Hours: 12 pm-4 pm Only. Production starts in October 2015. E-mail your submissions at: ea7485@gmail.com Filming in Los Angeles, California. Non-Union only. This project is not affiliated or endorsed with any talent agencies, management, promoters or any other source.

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[Atlanta] Actor — Theatre – Season Auditions

SEASON AUDITIONS: Want to get a head start? Audition for any show at the beginning of the season. Since some of our original shows are being workshopped, it helps the authors to know the actors who will be performing the parts in advance.

AUDITION DATES: Sunday, June 14 through Sunday, June 28
Call for a PRIVATE AUDITION: 770-720-2698
For Non-Musical Auditions: Prepare a memorized comedic
monologue and a dramatic monologue (2 minute max. per selection); Perform a cold reading;

For Musical Auditions: Prepare a memorized comedic monologue (2 minute max.); Prepare a song (2 minute max. & bring your own digital accompaniment); Perform a choreographed piece.
For All Auditions, please provide a resume and head shot.

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[Tampa] Actor — SAG Ultra Low “Again” (PAID)

—Contact Information—
Name: Mitch Glass
Title: Writer/Director
Project Title: Again
Email: AgainShortFilm@gmail.com
Company or University: MoonTouch Cinema & Raw Cinema

—Casting Details—
Casting Dates: 05/11 – 06/30
Casting Location: TBA
Shoot Dates: 07/14 – 07/17
Shoot Location: Tampa, Florida

Type of Compensation: SAG Ultra Low Day Rate

A young man finds a way to relive memories.

Character Breakdowns:
Ben: 20 – 30, Caucasian male. Intelligent, nostalgic. Determined.

Older Ben: 40 – 50, Caucasian male. Intelligent, nostalgic. Determined.

Claire: 20 – 30, female. Independent.

Rupert: 30 – 60, male. Handsome, a motivator, a great salesman.

Additional Information:
From the producers of the award-winning films “Gary” and “Stuck”

This will likely be a one or two day shoot. Please send headshot and demo reel. Sides will be provided at a later date.

Please e-mail with any questions. Thanks for your interest.

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[Miami] Actor — Non-Union “Tears of Joi”

—Contact Information—
Name: Yarnel Nicolas
Title: Writer-Director
Project Title: Tears of Joi
Email: ymnicolas@gmail.com
Company or University: Yard Lion Films

—Casting Details—
Casting Dates: May 2015
Casting Location: Broward County
Shoot Dates: TBD
Shoot Location: Boca Raton

Type of Compensation: IMDB credit

While moonlighting as a coffee-shop worker, a performing artist clown-mime finds her voice at a local talent competition.

Character Breakdowns:
JOI – Late 20s-early to mid 30s. Caucasian-Hispanic. Short Bob hair. European Clown/Mime performer. Moonlights as a coffee-shop waitress.

MRS. PATTERSON- late 40s-early 50s- business like. Very concerning, but firm.

CHRISTINE- Female, Perky, friendly. Late 20s-early 30s.

ROB- Male, dumb-witted. Late teens-early 20s

HOST – Hipster looking, glasses. Male. Bearded but entertaining

Additional Information:
Non-union actors only, send headshots and resume to ymnicolas@gmail.com

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[Atlanta] Actor — Theatre – Chestnut Bluff

SHOW AUDITIONS: The same audition protocol listed under Season Auditions will be followed. All auditions are private–please call 770-720-2698 to reserve your audition time. All auditions will be held at the Canton Theatre, 171 East Main St., Canton 30114; Auditions will be held for parts not already cast according to the following schedule:

CHESTNUT BLUFF: July 20 and 21



Elizabeth Madison: 40–60; proprietor of the Chestnut bluff Assisted Care Home
Armin Festovic: 50–60; son of a resident at the Home
Louise Festovic: 40–60; Armin’s wife
Dolley Dukes: 40–60; occupational therapist and doctor at the Home
Sally Shorter: 70–80; an aged resident at the Home
Mariah & Maria Newsome: 30–40; identical twins; registered nurses at the Home
Irena Festovic: 70–80; a resident at the Home; Armin’s mother

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[Atlanta] Actor — Theatre – Vanities

Cast : 3 Women – Age Range 20-35

Audition Dates: Wednesday, June 3rd and Thursday, June 4th at 7pm

Location: 654 Arnold Mill Road Woodstock, GA 30189

Best Friends: Joanne, Kathy, and Mary Journey through high school, college,
and adulthood together. While reminiscing of old times and how a changing
world has changed their lives.

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[Atlanta] Actor — Theatre – Mamma’s Wake

Call for a PRIVATE AUDITION: 770-720-2698

For Auditions: Prepare a memorized comedic monologue and a dramatic monologue (2 minute max. per selection); Perform a cold reading;

For All Auditions, please provide a resume and head shot.

All auditions will be held at the Canton Theatre, 171 East Main St., Canton 30114



Ruth: 40–50; Caregiver; Naomi’s daughter
Naomi: 60–70; Mamma; Ruth’s mother
Sarah: 20–30; Ruth’s daughter

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[Atlanta] Actor — Musical Theatre – Teachers, the Musical!

Call for a PRIVATE AUDITION: 770-720-2698

For Auditions: Prepare a memorized comedic monologue and a song (2 minute max. per selection); Perform a choreographed piece;

For All Auditions, please provide a resume and head shot.

All auditions will be held at the Canton Theatre, 171 East Main St., Canton 30114



Doris Gross: 30–60; School Secretary; Lusty
Chrissy Collins: 21–30; First-year Teacher; Deep Breather
Belle Tobbins: 40–60; Veteran Teacher; Closet Eater
Larry Sludge: 30–60; Principal (Voice only heard over intercom)
Steven Higgs: 30–50; Cookie Salesman; Eye-Candy
Sammy Paul: 9–12; Student; Wild Child

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[Miami] Actor — Short Film “DC vs Marvel” (Small Pay)

—Contact Information—
Name: carlos
Title: director
Project Title: DC vs Marvel
Email: csthedirector@gmail.com
Company or University: LLP

—Casting Details—
Casting Dates: Now
Casting Location: Miami
Shoot Dates: May
Shoot Location: Miami

Type of Compensation: Promotional/Small pay

Fanmade short film about DC vs Marvel characters

Character Breakdowns:
Various main roles and extra roles as the following characters.

DC characters

Marvel characters
-Iron man
-War machine
-Captain America

Additional Information:
We will provide all costumes and accessories needed for the project. All roles are main and will be based on selected characters.

We will pay gas, food and promote you on all our featured projects you are selected for. Serious inquires only!

Must live in Miami, must be able to come out each time for filming, must be able to start and finish each project. Please email all resume, portfolio/demo reels to csthedirector@gmail.com

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[Miami] Actor — Mystery Show “Guess Who’s Not Coming to Dinner” (Small Pay)

—Contact Information—
Name: Cynthia Bell
Title: Director/Writer
Project Title: Guess Who’s Not Coming To Dinner/Mystery Show
Email: Cynthiabellproductions@gmail.com
Company or University: Cynthia Bell Productions

—Casting Details—
Casting Dates: May 26, 2015
Casting Location: 2930 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood Fl 33020, Jaycee Hall
Shoot Dates: Agust 8, 2015
Shoot Location: Hard Rock Comedy Dinner Theatre, Ft. Lauderdale

Type of Compensation: Small to Moderate Stipend and Non Union

The former Governor of a sunny state of has been impeached because. He was under investigation for money laundering, stealing monies allocated for the children educational fund and the senior citizens of a great state of. The former governor also has some personal, marital and health issues which has caused him to behave inappropriately. Therefore the President of the United States has impeached him and a new appointed governor who will take his place.

Character Breakdowns:
JOHN GORDON BLAIR, The former Governor that was voted by the people and impeached by the president of the United States for fraud, stealing from the children, senior citizens fund and money laundering.

BARBARA BLAIR, The wife of the former Governor, who is well groomed, witty and has a secret about her husband’s mistress.

XAVIER DUVALL ROLLE, Newly appointed Governor. Edward Rolle, a school teacher and has a woman and gambling problem.

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